Introducing Youth Shooters of America – “Leading our nations’ youth shooters to embrace and achieve a lifestyle that embodies liberty, discipline, values, and success.”

Our YSA 2016 Junior Exhibition Shoot was completed just before NRAAM on May 18th/19th at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY. We’re a little behind on our website upkeep, our apologies, you can find more recent updates on our FB page.



Our must recent press and sponsor kit for our Exhibition shoot is at the link below.


We look forward to LOTS of updates from NRAAM 2016. YSA is active and engaged, we’re just a little slow on website updates!

The “Boomlets,” aka “Generation Z,” our nations’ boys and girls, are open minded, agile, and adventurous. They are ready to engage in the shooting sports with vigor and enthusiasm. Our mission is to deliver education, information, and events that will inspire current and new youth shooters to pursue their passions through the shooting sports.

Our programs will provide for the parents; those whom are active in the shooting sports themselves, as well as those who are new or on the fence about allowing their children to take on a new sport. We will educate parents, imparting the comfort that qualified and professional support is available to ensure that their kids enjoy the shooting sports safely and successfully. We will transfer the knowledge necessary to gather the appropriate gear and equipment specialized for youth shooters. Ultimately, we will assist them to create a family that shoots together for a lifetime.


Please stand by! We’re just getting organized, incorporated, and vetting out all our resources.

Founded through the collaboration of the parents, instructors, sponsors, and supporting staff of the Youth Shooters of America, this is a grass roots organization. Our venue is all shooting sports, including professional and recreational. We are reaching out with a goal to provide a central group providing services to competitive shooting, hunting, long range, steel shooters, cowboy action, and we have no intention of excluding the bow shooters! If there’s an American youth interested in engaging in any of the shooting sports or activities, we are available to provide education, guidance, and resources.

YSA will be available to provide services to professional youth shooters, including publicity and public relations management, media interaction, sponsorship opportunities, and photography and video services. We will assist in ensuring that tomorrow’s champions receive the necessary resources to achieve their goals. We have the experience to transition youth shooters from recreational to professional levels.

We will be organizing shooting events, social events, and media coverage for the youth shooting sports as a whole. We are intent upon becoming the leader for positive youth shooting promotions. We will engage in support of political agendas extending the rights of our nations’ youth and citizens to responsibly bear arms. We will rally against schemes to withhold or oppress our personal liberty.


Youth Shooters of America: Leading our nations’ youth shooters to embrace and achieve a lifestyle that embodies liberty, discipline, values, and success.