YSA Team

Dan Roberts YSA President & Founder

Dan_RobertsDan Roberts who is the founder and President of Youth Shooters of America started out himself as a youth shooter at about the age ten. Thirty years later his love for firearms has grown tremendously. He is now a certified range safety officer as well as certified by the NRA for pistol, shotgun, and rifle training.

Dan is also a columnist for Ammoland.com where he specializes as a NJ Gun law expert, 2A historian, and educator. Dan is a business manager with an extensive background in sales and project management in the construction field. He is a driver and heavy equipment operator. He translates his business and sales background into assets as a Pro2A Advocate. Also, Dan has been a public servant for over 25 years with fire rescue.

Dan is also recognized in the firearms industry as a Coach, Manager, Chauffer, Agent, and Father to competitive shooter Shyanne Roberts. When not working Dan can be found out at the range with his children teaching them how to enjoy life outside of the house.


Eric M. Saperstein YSA Executive VP & Founder

Eric_SapersteinEric is a Master Craftsman, he owns one of the nation’s premier handcrafted studios. He is gaining ground as a photographer and filmmaker, working with Poni TV to provide creative services to the shooting community, artists, corporations, and individuals. While he is amongst the last of the 18th century craftsmen, a modern artist, author, and a creative director, he is also accredited in the information technology arena with experience in process engineering, change coordination, and software development lifecycle management.

He is a lifetime shooter, pro second amendment advocate, county coordinator for NJ2AS, and a life member of the NRA. He is the Social Media/PR Director for Shyanne Roberts and General Defense Outfitters. Eric brings nearly three decades of firearms, small business, corporate, and marketing experience to the board of YSA.



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