Photo Crew

Oleg Volk

OlegVolkOleg is a creative director and advertising photographer living in Nashville, Tennessee. If you are looking to expand your company’s advertising and improve its effectiveness, contact him, he is the man to discuss your options. Creating ad campaigns and producing widely popular images for over sixty brands in the firearms and self-defense industry. Clients include Kel-Tec, Coonan, Boberg, Viridian Laser, and Nightforce. His personal marketing is by word of mouth, getting new work through recommendations by current customers.

Besides commercial work, Oleg is an author contributing illustrated articles for Shooting Illustrated, Small Arms Review, Gun Digest, Women & Guns, Canadian Firearms Journal and several Harris Publications titles. Online, he provides content for All Outdoor and Cheaper Than Dirt blogs, and occasionally to Brownells and All4Shooters. He is a graphic designer specializing in pro-RKBA posters in many languages since 1994. Oleg offers the unique and specialized knowledge of photography and the firearms industry.


Eric M. Saperstein

Eric_SapersteinEric is a Master Craftsman, he owns one of the nation’s premier handcrafted studios. He is gaining ground as a photographer and filmmaker, working with Poni TV to provide creative services to the shooting community, artists, corporations, and individuals. While he is amongst the last of the 18th century craftsmen, a modern artist, author, and a creative director, he is also accredited in the information technology arena with experience in process engineering, change coordination, and software development lifecycle management.

He is a lifetime shooter, pro second amendment advocate, county coordinator for NJ2AS, and a life member of the NRA. He is the Social Media/PR Director for Shyanne Roberts and General Defense Outfitters. Eric brings nearly three decades of firearms, small business, corporate, and marketing experience to the board of YSA.

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