In the Media

YSA is inviting a select media to join us for this event; allowing only vetted firearms focused coverage. We will be opening up to national media, as well as state and local media to assist in promoting each participant as opportunities allow. The current media highlights list invited to cover our lady juniors and join us at the actual event are featured in this section. We welcome media inquiries, but space at the Country Girl Shoot is limited and the event will take place in an undisclosed private location. We ask that media covering the event refrain from leaking “too many” details until the date arrives. Thank you all!

YSA will coordinate pre-event publicity with our participants to provide an enjoyable and playful banter with their fans and the general public. For example:

“Rumors are traveling around the shooting circuit that some of the lady juniors are gathering outside of Nashville for a special exclusive event … I can not confirm nor deny knowledge of this event, but I’m looking forward to it!”

                    We look forward to seeing you all in Nashville! – YSA Board of Directors

NRANewsYSA is proud to welcome coverage by NRA News, an obviously Pro2A news network operated by the National Rifle Association. NRA News is offering highlights of our Country Girl Shoot on social media and other venues. In addition they have extended an offer to provide an opportunity for each of our lady shooters to receive some spotlight attention at the 2015 membership convention.

thewOnThe Women’s Outdoor News, “Shooting, Hunting, Fishing and Adventure!” An ezine that features news, reviews and stories about women who hunt, fish, shoot and live outdoor adventures. WON will be featuring some of our lady juniors in their ezine!

americanwomanshooterOur magazine exists to: Champion women in the firearms industry, Partner with sister groups, Unite women at all levels and Educate women on Firearm safety. AWS will be covering the event and featuring our lady juniors both online and in their print issues!

awwba.comCelebrating and empowering American women in shooting sports and personal defense. Women who believe in the right to carry guns and use firearms are the focus of this venue and our lady juniors are their assurance that women of the future will thrive. AWWBA will be featuring our girls in their upcoming posts.


“Locked and Loaded Ladies” – our Lady Juniors are poised to take the shooting circuit by the force of tenacity, perseverance, and skill. Sure Shots launched featuring the women shooters of Austin, TX and is now expanding to show the talents of America’s next generation. Watch for features of our YSA Lady Juniors in the upcoming ezine issues.

lockandloadwithlinsayGod, Guns, Guts & Glory for Conservative, Constitutionalist & Libertarian Patriots Oath Keepers who will fight for Liberty & Freedom to pass on to our young! Lindsay is an advocate of the pursuit of happiness and supporting our troops. She is planning to cover the event and feature our junior lady shooters in her online venue.

outdoorhubOutdoorHub is the premier online resource for all things hunting, fishing, and shooting. From breaking news to product reviews and instructional guides, they0’ve got all corners of the great outdoors covered! Watch for coverage of the Country Girl Photo Shoot and our lady junior shooters.

theshooterslogThrough The Shooter’s Log, shooting sports and outdoor enthusiasts can learn more about firearms, shooting, fishing, bowhunting, camping and survival preparation. The Shooter’s Log features engaging, educational, and entertaining articles covering a variety of topics written with the novice as well as the experienced outdoorsman in mind. Watch for YSA junior features!

huntinglife.comHunting and conservation news, gear reviews, hunter/huntress features, and profiles of the hunts of a lifetime. covers the spectrum of hunting and brings it right to your favorite screen. The editors have offered to feature our YSA junior huntresses.


We want to help girls of all ages enjoy the outdoors from fishing to atving to camping. I want to offer advice on as much as I can and welcome advice from other’s. I started Girls In The Outdoors blog to help share information with as many people as possible.

Girls in the Outdoors maintains a blog featuring, well, Girls in the Outdoors! Check out their site for features of our lady juniors as well as products to help accent and facilitate your outdoor experiences. Ladies check out your swag bag for gifts from Girls in the Outdoors!

Youth Shooters of America: Leading our nations’ youth shooters to embrace and achieve a lifestyle that embodies liberty, discipline, values, and success.